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III International Conference "Russia in Real Time", 2003 | 01-10-2003
The conference is organised by the Centre for Economic and Financial Research, with the support of Club 2015.

Conference Program:

Keynote address
Mikhail Dmitriev, First Deputy Minister of the Economic Development and Trade RF
'Administrative Reform'

Section 1. 'Economic Relationship between Business and the State: Results of the Reforms'
Moderator: Evsey Gurvich, Economic Expert Group

Oleg Zamulin, CEFIR and NES
«Results of the 3rd Round of the Monitoring Survey of the Administrative Barriers to Small Business Development in Russia»

Olga Lazareva, CEFIR
«Do Enterprises Need Social Assets? Results of the Survey»

Igor Akhmerov, TNK and Club 2015 
«Influence of the State on Oil Production Growth in Russia»

Round Table 'What is Really Happening to the Natural Monopolies Reform?' Moderator: Ksenia Yudaeva, Policy Programs Director, CEFIR

  • Victor Kudryavy, Deputy Minister of Energy RF
  • Nikolay Kovarsky, Kaskol Group and Club 2015
  • Al Breach, Brunswick UBS
  • William Tompson, OECD

Section 2. 'Evolution of the Russian Business'
Moderator: Nikolay Kovarsky, Kaskol Group and Club 2015

Christof Ruehl, The World Bank
'Structural Change and Concentration in Russia'

Leonid Grigoriev, Analytical Centres Association
'Corporate Governance and Investments'

Sergei Vorobyov, Ward Howell International and Club 2015
'Evolution of the Owner and the Manager'

Alexander Auzan, National Project Institute
'Expectations Crisis and the New Social Contract'
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