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IV International Conference "Political Economy of Economic Growth and Development", 2004 | 01-10-2004
The conference is organized by CEFIR and National Project Institute with support of Club 2015 and financial support of Bradley Foundation.

Conference Program:

Keynote address
Philippe Aghion, Department of Economics, Harvard University
'Towards Policy of Growth'

Section 1. 'Business and Government Contribution to Economic Growth'
Moderator: Natalia Volchkova, CEFIR

Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, NES/CEFIR.
'Who Are The Russian Entrepreneurs?'

Irina Denisova, NES/CEFIR.
'Impact Estimation of Public Employment Programs: Case of Russia and Romania'

Konstantin Kozlov, CEFIR.
'Customs Barriers Monitoring'

Evgeniy Yakovlev, CEFIR.
'Relations of Regional Governments and Business Elites'

Arkadiy Dvorkovich, Head of the Presidential Experts` Directorate
'Economic Reforms and Economic Growth in Russia'
Chairman: Ksenia Yudaeva, NES/CEFIR

Round Table 'Political System and Economic Development' Moderator: Denis Dragunsky, National Project Institute

  • Sergey Guriev, NES
  • Olga Dergunova, Head of Microsoft Representative Office in Russia
  • Dmitriy Oreshkin, Mercator Group
  • Viktor Polterovich, CEMI
  • Alexey Sitnikov, Open Economy Institute
  • Marina Strezhneva, IMEMO
  • Konstantin Shapovalenko, INVETec Group, Ltd.

Section 2. 'Political Economy of Economic Reforms'
Moderator: Alexander Auzan, National Project Institute

Leonid Grigoriev, ARETT
'Development: Before or After the Reforms?'

Svetlana Makovetskaya, National Project Institute
'State Authorities' Services: Demand on Institutions'

Vitaliy Tambovtsev, Department of Economics, Moscow State University
'Political Economy of Judicial System'.
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