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Natalia Volchkova | 11-11-2016
Natalia Volchkova has been nominated «For the outstanding contribution in the field of economy» for Yegor Gaidar Awards in 2016.
CEFIR Policy Dirctor, Lead Economist at CEFIR
ExxonMobil Assistant Professor of Energy Economics, New Economic School
Researcher at the Central Institute of Economics and Mathematics (CEMI), Russian Academy of Science

Research interests:

International Trade, Growth and Development, Resource Economy

Short Bio:

Natalia Volchkova is a core member of CEFIRís team and joined CEFIR when it was founded in 2000. She initially worked at RECEP (1998 — 2000) and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a visiting researcher (2001 — 2002). She is also a lecturer at the New Economic School, where she teaches courses in Macroeconomics 3, 6 and International Trade, and a researcher at the Central Institute of Economics and Mathematics (CEMI).

In 1999 Natalia Volchkova finished Postgraduate School at the Central Institute of Economics and Mathematics (CEMI) and got a candidate degree in economics. Before that she had studied at the New Economic School (1996 -1998) and in 1997 she graduated from Postgraduate School of Department of Physics at M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University.

She was a recipient of Research Grant from the Center for Institutional Reforms and Informal Sectors Study (IRIS) at the University of Maryland (1997 — 1998), Research Grant from Economic Education and Research Consortium Russia (EERC) (1999 — 2000), Global Development Network Explaining Growth Project: CIS country studies (2001).

In 2015, independent nonprofit Organization «Agency for strategic initiatives to promote new projects» represented by the head of «New business» division A.D.Avetisyan and CEO A.S.Nikitin issued the letter of acknowledgment to Natalia Volchkova for her active participation in the monitoring of the road maps implementation of the National entrepreneurial initiative and for her personal contribution to the formation of a favorable investment climate in the Russian Federation.

Natalia Volchkova was awarded ARETT Oder of Merit for economic analysis at the Annual ARETT Conference «Russia’s economic outlook in the mid-2020s years: expert opinion». The conference was held on October 7, 2016. ARETT Oder of Merit is presented annually to Russian economists for their outstanding contribution to the development of economic analysis in Russia.

Natalia Volchkova has been nominated «For the outstanding contribution in the field of economy» for Yegor Gaidar Awards in 2016. The names of the award winners were announced at a ceremony on November 17, 2016. More

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