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Evaluation of the consequences of social reforms: monetization of social benefits and housing and communal services reform | 08-11-2005
Who are winners and losers of the implemented reform of monetization of social benefits and what are the results of the upcoming reform of provision of housing and communal services going to be like? A new study on the issues is available.
Start Date: June 2005
Completion Date: April 2006

The project is implemented with the financial support of institutional grant program MONF and research center GET NES.

Project Summary:

The goal of this research is to perform the integrated evaluation of the consequences of the implemented reform of monetization of social benefits and upcoming reform of provision of housing and communal services.

The researchers use integarted approach which is based on the subsequent estimation of the computable general equilibrium model of the Russian economy and microsimulation model of the Russian population on the base of National Monitoring of Household Welfare and Participation in Social Programs. It will allow to track the effects of the reforms on budget revenues, income redistribution, to indicate winners and losers of the refforms and to compare the different scenarios of the proposed reforms.

Within the framework of the project the following calculations are performed:

Evaluation of the consequences of the reform of monetization for income distribution of population
Evaluation of the consequences of the reform of monetization for certain groups of social security beneficiaries
Calculation of parameters of the reform of monetization so that it would not worsen the situation for the majority of population/the most vulnerable categories of population
Evaluation of the consequences of the reform of monetization for budget revenues of different levels
Evaluation of the consequences of the reform of provision of housing and communal services for income distribution of population
Changes in income distribution and poverty level due to on-going and up-coming reforms of social benefits
Relative prices change due to fiscal changes
Changes in in the income structure and consumption of different groups of population
Changes in the employment structure

Main Results:

On the basis of the project evaluation it would be possible to track the the effects of the reform of monetization and reform of provision of housing and communal services on different parts of the economic life of the country and to formulate the relevant recommendations for the RF Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, RF Ministry of Finance, RF Ministry of Labour and Social Development.

Printed publication has been issued on the project’s outcomes:

N.Volchkova, E.Gorshkova, S.Lobanov, A.Makrushin, N.Turdyeva, J.Khaleeva.
Evaluation of the consequences of social reforms: monetization of social benefits and housing and communal services reform.
«Scientific Reports: Independent Economic Analysis» Series, # 179.
M.:Moscow Public Science Foundation (MPSF); Center for Economic and Financial Research (CEFIR), 2006.
175 pages.
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