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Development of Unemployed Profiling Procedures as a Basis for Planning and Implementation of Active Labor Market Programs | 25-11-2005
The results of the project on developing of unemployed profiling procedures have been posted. The mixed approach to profiling has proved to be the most efficient.
The project was implemented for the RF Ministry of Labour and Social Development with the financial support of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) within the framework of the project SPIL, and was coordinated by Russian Foundation for Social Reforms.

Project Dates: March 15 — December 15, 2002

Project Summary:

The central task of the project is to develop procedures of profiling for unemployed citizens of Russia. The profiling of unemployed is a system of dividing unemployed citizens into categories (groups) depending on the risk of long-term unemployment assessed on the basis of individual characteristics of the unemployed reflecting employment potential and work motivation followed by identification of a set of active labor market programs that are optimal in terms of re-employment chances for those groups which most merit help in terms of effectiveness, given resources limitations.

Proceeding from the analysis of international experience and mindful of the specificities of the Russian system of work with the unemployed (including the features of the information base) a mixed approach
to profiling was chosen.

At the first stage of profiling, assessing the risk of long-term unemployment takes place based on a statistical model adjusted in a line with the opinion of the employment service experts.

At the second stage an active labor market program is suggested by an employment service expert with regard to needs of a certain unemployed citizen.

The concept of proposed profiling will make it possible to improve the methodology of profiling developed by regional specialists and where such methodologies are absent to apply the best Russian and foreign experience in a systematic and generalized way.

Project Output:

Within the framework of the project the procedure of profiling unemployed citizens was successfully tested in the pilot regions and a report on the results of testing was prepared. After adjustment the profiling procedure was prepared for distribution in the subjects of the Russian Federation.

Policy Paper on Development of Unemployed Profiling Procedures as a Basis for Planning and Implementation of Active Labor Market Programs

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