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II Annual China-Russia Conference: "The Role of the State in the Economy in the 21st century", October 13-14, 2006 | 18-10-2006
Russia and China are among the world’s largest dynamically growing economies and  claim to become emerging leaders for the 21st century. Currently, both countries face the same problem, one of highest relevance for their further development: the role and extent of participation of the state in the economic life of the country. The conference continues the annual Global Institute China-Russia Conference series.

With the support of BP company.


  • Global Institute
  • BP
  • Brookings Institution
  • Center for Economic and Financial Research at New Economic School, Russia
  • Center for Stratigic Research, Russia
  • Center for China in the World Economy, China
  • China Center for Economic Research, Peking University, China


Opening Remarks
  • Sergei Guriev, Center for Economic and Financial Research at New Economic School, Russia Speech
  • David Daokui Li, Center for China in the World Economy, China Speech
  • Mikhail Dmitriev, Center for Stratigic Research, Russia Speech
  • Richard Spies, President, BP Russia Speech

Policy Roundtable: The Development Strategies of the XXI Century: Striking the Balance between State and the Market

Academic Panel: Incentives within Government Bureaucracy

Keynote Address
  • Igor Temirov, CEO, Greentek
    Russia and China: Myths and Reality Speech

Policy Panel: The Macroeconomic Role of the State: Targeting Real Exchange Rate or Inflation?
  • JIA Kang, Director of Research Institute for Fiscal Science, Ministry of Finance, P. R. China
  • David Daokui Li, CCWE,
    «How Does China Manage to Finance Its Rapid Growth» Power Point Presentation / Speech /Working Paper
  • Vladimir Popov, NES,
    «Accumulation of Foreign Exchange Reserves and Long Term Growth» Working Paper

Policy Roundtable:The State and the Knowledge Economy
  • Steve Wittrig, Director, Advanced Technology, BP 
    «BP’s Great University Program: Partnership, Innovation and Learning» Speech / Power Point Presentation
  • Igor Agamirzian, Microsoft
    «The Role of Transnational Companies in the Development of Technology and Innovations» Speech
  • Sergei Guriev, CEFIR
    «Tertiary Education for the New Economy: A Global Agenda» Speech
  • Gennady Sarychev, Federal Agency for Special Economic Zones
    «Special Economic Zones of the Technical/Promotional Type as a Basic Innovation Mechanism in the Russian Federation» Power Point Presentation (Part I) — Presentation (Part II) / Speech

Policy Roundtable: Target 2030: the State and the Long-term Growth
  • Mikhail Dmitriev, President, Centre for Strategic Reforms
    «What do we Know About the World’s Future? Long-term Assessment of Socio-Economic Development» Power Point Presentation / Speech
  • Johannes Linn, The Brookings Institution,
    «Taking a Long View of Economic Growth Potential» Power Point Presentation / Speech
  • Raj Desai, The Brookings Institution,
    «Competitiveness, Innovation, and Russia’s Long-Term Growth Prospects» Speech

Academic Panel: The Nation State in the Global Economy

Policy Panel: The Energy Challenge

Academic Panel: Inequality and Social Stability

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Download Program Outline

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