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VI International Conference on Financial Development and Governance, 2005 | 22-08-2005
August 22-23, 2005, Room 520, Nakhimovsky 47, Moscow

Organized by  Erik Berglof, Stijn Claessens, Sergei Guriev, Enrico Perotti. Supported by BP, World Bank, CIFRA, CEFIR at NES and SITE

To see the conference program follow this link.

Papers presented at the conference:

Corporate Governance and Managerial Risk Taking: Theory and Evidence (.pdf - 415.39 Kb)
  Bernard Yeung, John Kose and Lubomir Litov (Stern School of Business)

Do Lenders Favor Politically Connected Firms? Rent provision in an Emerging Financial Market (.pdf - 398.64 Kb)
  Atif Mian (University of Chicago Graduate School of Business) and Asim Ijaz Khwaja (Kennedy School of Government)

Elections, Special Interests and the Fiscal Costs of Financial Crisis (.pdf - 256.89 Kb)
  Philip Keefer (World Bank)

Global Growth Opportunities and Market Integration (.pdf - 992.92 Kb)
  Christian Lundblad (Kelley School of Business), Bekaert Geert (Columbia University) and Campbell R. Harvey (Duke University)

Incumbents and Protectionism: Firm-level Evidence from India (.pdf - 254.69 Kb)
  Nandini Gupta (Kelley School of Business) and Anusha Chari (University of Michigan)

The Political Economy of Financial Fragility (.pdf - 249.66 Kb)
  Erik Feijen and Enrico Perotti (University of Amsterdam)

Corporate Stability and Economic Growth (.pdf - 265.41 Kb)
  Kathy Fogel (Northern Kentucky University), Randall Morck (University of Alberta, and Bernard Yeung (Stern School of Business)

Political Connections and Corporate Bailouts (.pdf - 306.20 Kb)
  Mara Faccio (Vanderbilt University), John McConnell (Purdue University) and Ron Masulis (Vanderbilt University)

A Political Economy Model of Investor Protection (.pdf - 274.26 Kb)
  Lucien Bebchuk (Harvard Law School) and Zvika Neeman (Boston University)

Property Rights Protection and Bank Loan Pricing (.pdf - 138.98 Kb)
  Kee-Hong Bae (Korea University)

State Capture in a Federation (.pdf - 226.03 Kb)
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