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"Fighting Corruption in Russia: Theory and Practice", 2004 | 05-04-2004
'Fighting Corruption in Russia' international conference took place on April 5, 2004 in the National Hotel, in Moscow.

This conference was organized by CEFIR and the New Economic School (NES) with the support of The Bradley Foundation and the World Bank.

Conference Program:

9:00 — 10.00 Keynote Adresses:

«Why Governments Need to Fight Corruption»
Vito Tanzi, Senior Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank

«The Fight Against Corruption In Light of Administrative Reform»
Aslanbek Aslakhanov, Advisor to the President of the RF

10:00 — 1:00 Session 1: Analyzing Corruption

«Cartels, Competition and Corruption»
Christof Ruehl, Chief Economist, Russia Department, World Bank
«Corruption in Transition: A Theoretical Perspective»
Konstantin Sonin, Professor, New Economic School/CEFIR

«Informalization of Rules and Institutional Arrangements for Corruption»
Vadim Radaev, First Vice-Rector, Chair of Economic Sociology & Professor, Higher School of Economics, Moscow

«The Abuse of ‘Administrative Resources’"
Elena Panfilova, Director, Transparency International — Russia

«Legislative Capture: Subversion of Regional Institutions»
Evgeny Yakovlev, Economist, CEFIR

«Corruption and Intermediary Firms»
Leonid Polishchuk, Associate Director, IRIS Center, Univ of Maryland & Visiting Professor, New Economic School

Erik Berglof, Director, Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, Stockholm School of Economics

1:00 — 2:00 Lunch

2:15 — 4:45 Session 2: Measuring Corruption

«Corruption in Education»
Mark Levin, Chair of Microeconomic Analysis & Professor, Higher School of Economics

«Corruption in the Central Bank»
Dmitry Vasilyev, First Deputy General Director, Mosenergo

«Monitoring Petty Corruption and Small Business Development»
Oleg Zamulin, Professor, New Economic School/CEFIR

«Measuring the Impact of Corruption on International Capital Flows»
Shang-Jin Wei, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution

Steven Solnick, Moscow Representative, Ford Foundation

5:00 — 7:00 Session 3: Fighting Corruption

«What Can Be Done in Russia to Fight Corruption»
Georgy Satarov, Founder & President, INDEM Fund

«What Entrepreneurs Can Do to Fight Corruption in Russia»
Sergei Borisov, President of OPORA Small Business Lobby

«Corruption: the Opposite of Public Responsibility (Anti-Corruption Measures)"
Boris Titov, Co-chairman, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)

«Russian Local Governments Can Fight Corruption if They Want To»
Ramil Zainullin, Former Head of Bashkortostan Licensing Committee

Boris Lvin, Senior Advisor to Russia’s Executive Director, World Bank, Washington, D.C.
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