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I International Conference: Negotiating Russia's WTO Accession: Strategic Lessons from Multilateral Trade Liberalization and Club Enlargement, 2002 | 24-06-2002
Date: December 14, 2001

Venue: Renaissance Moscow Hotel

Centre for Economic and Financial Research (CEFIR)
with support of the Swedish International Development Cooperatrion Agency (SIDA)

The conference pursues three goals:
  • To increase the awareness among Russian economists of international trade theory as an important area of economics;
  • To inform academic and policy circles in Russia on the cutting-edge research in the areas of multilateral trade liberalization and trade negotiations;
  • To give western economists who do research on trade theory and policy an opportunity to discuss the policy relevant implications of their most recent research papers in the context of Russia’s accession negotiations.


    JUNE 24, 2002

    9:00  Session 1: Theoretical issues of multilateral trade liberalization and the WTO

    Presiding: Erik Berglof, Stockholm School of Economics

    «Shifting Comparative Advantage and Accession in the WTO»
    Bob Staiger, The University of Wisconsin-Madison

    «National Treatment in Trade Agreements»
    Henrik Horn, Institute for International Economic Studies

    «How Often Are Propositions On The Effects Of Regional Trade Agreements Theoretical Curiosa And When Should They Guide Policy»
    Ray Riezman, The University of Iowa

    11:00  Coffee braek

    11:30  Presiding: Victor Polterovich, New Economic School

    «Tariffs and the Most Favored Nation Clause»
    Kamal Saggi, Southern Methodist University

    «China’s WTO Accession Negotiations: Would She Prefer no MFN?"
    Edwin Lai, City University of Hong Kong

    13:00  Lunch

    14:15  Session 2: Trade policies and institutional aspects of multilateral trade liberalization

    Presiding: Mikhail Klimenko, University of California, San Diego

    «When Does Trade Hurt? Market, Transition and Developing Economies»
    Kala Krishna, Pennsylvania State University
    Discussant Natalya Volchkova, CEFIR

    «Punishments and Dispute Settlement in Trade Agreements: The Equivalent Withdrawal of Concessions»
    Bill Ethier, University of Pennsylvania

    «Still Hazy After All These Years: A Critical Evaluation Of The WTO Jurisprudence On Tax Discrimination»
    Petros Mavroidis, WTO, University of Neuchatel

    16:45  Dinner
    End of the first day

    JUNE 25, 2002

    8:30  Welcome coffee

    9:00  Session 3: Trade related regulation, standarts and intellectual property rights

    Presiding: Ksenia Yudaeva, CEFIR

    «International Protection of Intellectual Property»
    Gene Grossman, Princeton University

    «Intellectual Property Rights, Licensing, and Innovation»
    Keith Maskus, University of Colorado, The World Bank

    «Interoperability standards and trade policy in telecommunications and information technology»
    Mikhail Klimenko, University of California, San Diego

    11:00  Coffee break

    11:30  Session 4: Russia’s WTO accession: empirical and computational issues

    Presiding: Sergei Guriev, CEFIR

    «WTO Accession: An Analysis of the Expectation Levels of WTO Members and Russia’s Capacity to Meet Them»
    Richard Self, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld

    «An Economic Perspective on Russia’s Accession to the WTO»
    Robert Stern, The University of Michigan

    «Russia’s European Integration. Escapism and realities»
    Carl Hamilton, Stockholm School of Economics

    13:30  Lunch

    15:00  Presiding: Vladimir Popov, New Economic School

    «Russia’s Accession to the WTO: Economy-Wide and Sector Impacts»
    David Tarr, The World Bank

    «Trade liberalization, FDI, and productivity of Russian firms»
    Ksenia Yudaeva, CEFIR

    16:30  Coffee break

    17:00  Policy Session: Russia towards integration into the global economy

    Presiding: Erik Berglof, Stockholm School of Economics

    Welcoming address: Maxim Medvedkov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade RF

    Alexei Portansky, Director, Information bureau for Russia’s Accession to WTO
    Richard Self, Senior International Advisor, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld
    Petros Mavroidis, WTO, University of Neuchatel

    18:30  Questions and Answers

    19:00  End of the conference
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