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Survey on Life in Transition (“LITS”) | 07-01-2007
Policy paper «Labor Market Flows in Transition» by Irina Denisova, Markus Eller, and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya is available to download. Based on the Life in Transition Survey (LiTS) conducted by the EBRD and the World Bank, the authors examine labor market transformation during transition from planned to market economies in 29 countries in postcommunist Europe and Central Asia.
The EBRD and the World Bank collaborate on a joint Survey on Life in Transition.

Start Date: July 2006
Completion Date: December 2006

Project Summary:

Transition has been a time of great upheaval for people across the countries. While most countries are now seeing strong output growth, sustaining structural and institutional reforms and benefiting from a better business environment (as shown in the Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Surveys), transition has also been associated with significant economic hardships such as higher unemployment, greater poverty and inequality, and poorer public services. It is crucially important to identify those areas where transition is not yet working for the people and to set the right priorities going forward so that the benefits of change can be widely shared.

The purpose of the Survey is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the relations among life satisfaction and living standards, poverty and inequality, trust in state institutions, satisfaction with public services, and attitudes to a market economy and democracy throughout the region. This will give valuable insights into how transition has affected the lives of people across the region.

The Survey will be implemented in 29 transition economies. The Survey instrument will be administered to approximately 1,000 households in each of these countries, for a total sample size of 29,000 households. The received data will provide the grounds for the further research in the fields of studying life satisfaction and living standards, poverty and inequality and attitudes of people.

Project Outcomes:

Policy paper «Labor Market Flows in Transition»
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