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What Russians Think about Transition | 12-11-2007
Start Date: September 2006
Completion Date: June 2007

Project Background:

The EBRD and the World Bank are currently collaborating on a joint Survey on Life in Transition (the «Survey» or «LITS»). The Survey will be implemented in 29 transition economies. The Survey instrument will be administered to approximately 1,000 households in each of these countries, for a total sample size of 29,000 households.

To provide an even richer flavour of how attitudes toward transition are shaped by people’s life experience in Russia, the EBRD would like to incorporate some of the LITS questions into the next round of the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey («RLMS). Since its inception in 1992 the RLMS has been implemented 13 times, covering several thousand households. It was conceived from the beginning as a way to develop a strong institution in Russia to collect trustworthy, high quality data that would be representative of the country and provide answers to a wide-ranging set of questions crucial for monitoring and planning the reform process. It was also designed as a predominantly Russian activity.

Project Summary:

The purpose of this project is to combine elements of the LITS with the RLMS questionnaire to deepen our understanding of the relationship between life satisfaction and living standards, poverty and inequality, trust in state institutions, satisfaction with public services, and attitudes to a market economy and democracy in Russia. The result would be a comprehensive data set of household characteristics, attitudes and life experiences over time and across the largest transition country — Russia.

Project Output:

Working Paper: «What Russians think about transition: evidence from RLMS survey»

Policy Paper «Transition Patterns in the Russian Labor Market: 1994-2006»

Presentation: «What Russians think about transition: evidence from RLMS survey»
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