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October-December 2007 / Theme of the Issue: Labor Markets and Migration
July-September 2007 / Theme of the Issue: Agriculture and Rural Development
April-June 2007 / Theme of the Issue: Financial Sector Development
January-March 2007 / Theme of the Issue: EU Enlargement
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Newsletter on reforming economies "Beyond Transition" | 14-07-2008

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October-January 2004 / Theme of the Issue: Corporate Governance
July-September 2004
April — June 2004
January — March 2004
Beyond Transition Newsletter was published by the World bank since 1990 till 2007. Starting from 2004 CEFIR was involved in the production of both the Russian and the English versions. The Newsletter covered the key policy issues and policy processes in the transition countries of Europe and Central Asia, offered analyses and lessons across countries, and presented interdisciplinary work in fields such as economics, law, and politics.

Editorial Board:

  • Alan Gelb, Director, Development Policy (The World Bank, Washington, DC)
  • Pradeep Mitra, Chief Economist Europe and Central Asia Region (The World Bank, Washington, DC)
  • Boris Pleskovic, Research Manager, Development Economics (The World Bank, Washington, DC)
  • Erik Berglof, EBRD, London

    Managing Editor:
    Ksenia Yudaeva, Sberbank, Savings Bank of the Russian Federation (Moscow)

    Editor in Chief:
    Olga Mosina, CEFIR

    All the issues could be downloaded at CEFIR web-site. The electronic version of the Beyond Transition Newsletter is also available on the
    World Bank’s web site.
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