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July - September 2006 / Theme of the Issue: Human Capital | 08-12-2006
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Theme of the Issue: Human Capital

From the Editor

Returns on Schooling in Transition Countries
Ruslan Yemtsov, Stefania Cnobloch, and Cem Mete

Returns on Education in Russia
Irina Denisova and Marina Kartseva

Human Capital and Outsourcing in Eastern and Western Europe
Dalia Marin

The Visibility of Ukrainian Economists 1969-2005
Tom Coupe

The Private Sector in Higher Education in the Baltic States and Belarus
Morten Hansen and Alf Vanags

Educational Opportunity Gap Widening in China?
Min-Dong Paul Lee 

Are There Alternatives to Building New Schools in Albania?
Mihails Hazans and Ija Trapeznikova

Getting Education Right for Long-Term Growth in the Czech Republic
Alessandro Goglio

Education Reform in Bulgaria 1990-2003: A Failure?
Evgenii Dainov

Insert: New Challenges for Education System

Institutional Change in Hungarian Higher Education
Eva Berde and Istvan Vanyolos

New Findings

Measuring Bribery in Ukraine’s Public Sector
Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Klara Sabirianova Peter

Public Sector Wages: «Bonus» or «Fine»?
Vladimir Gimpelson and Anna Lukyanova

Selective Schools Select Alphabetically
Stepan Jurajda and Daniel Munich

The Demographic Challenge of the Czech Education and Pension System
Sergey Slobodyan and Viatcheslav Vinogradov

Russian Healthcare: For the Healthy or the Sick?
Galina Besstremyannaya


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