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October - December 2006 / Theme of the Issue: Central Asia
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Theme of the Issue: Central Asia

From the Editor

The states have been pretty good at keeping tensions from turning violent
Martha Brill Olcott

Economic Performance of the Central Asian Economies
Richard Pomfret

Regional Cooperation in Trade
Asian Development Bank

Impediments to Trade in Central Asia
Clemens Grafe, Martin Raiser and Toshiaki Sakatsume

The Impact of Kazakhstan Accession to the World Trade Organization
Jesper Jensen and David Tarr

Insert: Using WTO Commitments in the Telecom Sector Effectively

Uzbekistan — in the Slow Lane of the New Silk Roads?
Martin Raiser and Dennis De Tray

Insert: Kazakh and Kyrgyz Firms Have It Easier To Do Business

The Effect of Armed Conflict on Schooling in Tajikistan
Olga Shemyakina

Remittances in Tajikistan
Jariya Hoffman

Dimensions of Urban Poverty in Central Asia
Ellen Hamilton, Christine Kessides, Deniz Baharoglu, Bill Denning, Alexandre Kolev, and Maka Lomaia

Insert: Slums of the Peri-Urban Areas of Bishkek

Evaluating Pension System Design in the Kyrgyz Republic
Roman Mogilevsky

Insert: Past Reforms and Future Challenges in the Kyrgyz Republic

Kazakhstan Expenditure on Public Health
Meruert Makhmoutova

Insert: Human Development Index for Central Asian Countries

Promoting Innovation through Technoparks in Kazakhstan
Slavo Radosevic and Marat Myrzakhmet

New Findings

Corporate Philanthropy in Transition
Katarina Svitkova

Enhancing South-South Trade In Goods
Przemyslaw Kowalski and Ben Shepherd

South-South Trade In Services
Nora Dihel, Felix Eschenbach, and Ben Shepherd

World Bank Agenda

New Books and Working Papers

Conference Diary


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October — December 2006

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