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January-March 2007 / Theme of the Issue: EU Enlargement | 12-07-2007

Theme of the Issue: EU Enlargement

From the Editor

EMU Enlargement: Why Flexibility Matters
Philipp Maier and Maarten Hendrikx

Gains from Risk_Sharing in the EU
Yuliya Demyanyk and Vadym Volosovych

Postponing Euro_Area Expectations?
Tanel Ross

European Accession and Capacity_Building Priorities
John S. Wilson, Xubei Luo, and Harry G. Broadman

Internal Labor Mobility and Regional Labor Market Disparities
Pierella Paci, Erwin Tiongson, Mateusz Walewski, Jacek Liwinski, Maria Stoilkova

Latvian Labor Market before and after EU Accession
Mihails Hazans

The Impact of EU Accession on Poland’s Economy
Ewa Balcerowicz

Bulgaria’s Integration into the Pan-European Economy
Bartlomiej Kaminski and Francis Ng 

Forming Preferences on European Integration: the Case of Slovakia
Tim Haughton and Darina Malova

Insert: Whither Europe?

Credit Expansion in Emerging Europe

New Findings

The Economic Cost of Smoking in Russia
Michael Lokshin and Zurab Sajaia

Insert: Smoking in Albania

Deregulating Business in Russia
Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, Evgeny Yakovlev

Land and Real Estate Transactions for Businesses in Russia
Gregory Kisunko and Jacqueline Coolidge

Insert: Land Issues: Barriers for Small Businesses

Foreign Bank Profitability in Central and Eastern Europe
Olena Havrylchyk and Emilia Jurzyk

Banking in Ukraine: Changes Looming?
Natalya Dushkevych and Valentin Zelenyuk

World Bank Agenda

New Books and Working Papers

Conference Diary


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