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Building up Modern Research University: Financing Facility Structure and Terms of Faculty Recruitment | 23-03-2010
A research on the organizational structure of a modern research university have been recently carried out by the experts from CEFIR and Higher School of Economics (Moscow).
Project Dates: June 1, 2009 — November 30, 2009

Project Summary:

Russian and world experience demonstrates that building up research university is possible though itís hard. Firstly, there are not so many examples which proved successful. Secondly, even target programs on their development sometimes fail.

What are incentives for the university executive management? What enhances focusing the university on research work? What financial structure facilitates research work at best? Is financial structure interconnected with the incentives for the university executive management? How the faculty recruiting process should be organized to build up a high-profile research team?

The answers to the enumerated questions were proposed within the project «Building up Modern Research University: Financing Facility Structure and Terms of Faculty Recruitment». The project aim of studying the organizational structure of the modern research university was accomplished.

Project Outcomes:
  • There were two papers written and then published in the leading Russian economic journal («Questions of Economics»). One more paper is forthcoming. The papers were presented at several international conferences of the highest level and at the number of workshops;
  • The mentioned papers were referred to while developing analytical review for the teaching package «Developing research university: Personnel component of the scientific competitiveness» by the order of the Academy of National Economy of the Russian Federation Government. The review included analysis on the up-to-date approaches and practices in building up incentives for university staff for research work. On the basis of the papers operational guidelines were prepared on the issue of higher education management for the RF Ministry of Education and Sciences and the RF President Administration;
  • Two articles were published in the Russian business daily «Vedomosti».

Conferences and round-tables:

The papers written under the project were presented at the following international conferences and scientific workshops:
  • 3-rd Game Theory Congress, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA, July 2008
  • Annual conference of the International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE), Toronto, Canada, June 2008
  • Harvard/MIT Positive Political Economy Workshop, Boston, USA, December 2008
  • Annual conference of the Higher Economic School, Moscow, Russia, April 2009.
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