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The Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Health in Russia | 27-03-2010
The project has been implemented with the support of the SABMiller company.

Project Summary:

Russia’s heavy consumption of cheap, strong alcoholic beverages is the key factor behind the low life expectancy and high mortality rate of its citizens, numerous researches confirm. Most of the research papers though are based on the aggregated data and thus put limitations on more detailed study of alcohol consumption patterns and their influence on the population health and the risk of death.

CEFIR research is based on data by Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (RLMS). There were patterns of alcohol consumption determined and analyses conducted on the way the main of those patterns influence health and death risk.

There were aggregated alcohol consumption in Russia and Europe compared, alcohol consumption patterns in Russia analyzed and European countries pro-active anti-alcohol policy studied within the research.

Policy Recommendations:

  • Pro-active anti-alcohol policy should include both monetary and non-monetary measures.
  • Policy aimed at cutting alcohol consumption demands:
     — hiking excise duties on all alcohol beverages
     — forward-looking raise of excise duties on heavy alcohol beverages.
  • There is a vast room for using non-monetary measures of anti-alcohol policy aimed at cutting alcohol consumption in Russia.
     — The experience of the Russian northern European neighbors is especially valuable where they managed to replace heavy alcohol beverages consumption with that of wine and beer and drastically cut heavy alcohol beverages.
     — Civil society role in
    • Enhancing social support mechanisms
    • Healthy life-style promoting.


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