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Methodological and organizational support for the formation of a unified national system of accreditation | 30-01-2012
The project was implemented for the Ministry of Economics of the Russian Federation.

Project Dates: October- December 2011

The purpose of the project was to promote a unified national accreditation system and prepare a number of proposals for improving government management in the field of accreditation.

The main objectives were:
  • to develop the sub-legal acts needed to form a unified national system of accreditation and then to govern the realization of accreditation processes and monitor the activities of accredited persons;
  • to develop a set of criteria for accreditation in certain areas, to adjust these criteria with the international standards, including the countries of the Customs Union;
  • to support the development of the database of accredited bodies and databases of accreditation- and technical experts;
  • to integrate the accreditation system into the voluntary sector in the national system of accreditation;
  • to organize a number of events aimed at ensuring international recognition.

The methodology of work included comparative methods, including legal and comparative analysis, regulatory impact assessment, methods and techniques of legal technique; methods of qualitative analysis: case studies, comparative analysis, expert interviews, the use of micro-economic and institutional approaches.
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