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Developing recommendations on creating common labor market at the territories of CES states and the elimination of barriers to the free movement of labor power | 08-10-2013
Project Dates: September — November 2013

The project is implemented for the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Project Goal:

The project is aimed at developing proposals on a comprehensive and balanced migration policy at the territories of the Common Economic Space states with the view of establishing a common labor market, increasing the economic impact of legal migration, identifying existing administrative barriers to the free movement of labor power at the territories of CES states, as well as developing recommendations to address them.

The objectives of the project are the following:
  • to make a brief overview of the current situation in the labor markets of CES members and of the amount of labor migration flows between them based on the official statistics;

  • to conduct a comparative analysis of the laws and regulations the field of labor migration of the Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation;

  • to conduct a brief analysis of the EU experience in the creating a common labor market (the key stages of a common labor market establishing, basic social protection to migrant workers);

  • to conduct an analysis of law enforcement in the CES states in the field of attracting and using labor power from the member states;

  • to identify barriers related to the entry, stay and employment of citizens of CES states at the territories of the member states in the following areas: taxation, compulsory health insurance, social insurance, education (in terms of pre-school and school education for family members of migrant workers and the mutual recognition of qualifications), state social benefits and pensions;

  • to develop recommendations on creating a common labor market in the territories of the CES states, as well as on the elimination of barriers to the free movement of labor power.

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