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Developing mechanisms to improve the competitiveness of domestic consumer goods manufacturers in a globalizing world economy | 19-03-2014
The project is implemented for the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Project Dates: March — August 2014

The project objective is to develop mechanisms to improve the competitiveness of domestic consumer goods manufacturers in a globalizing world economy.

To achieve this goal, the following scope of work will be implemented under the project:
  • developing state suppor mechanisms and incentives for domestic consumer goods manufacturers based on the experience of countries — WTO members;

  • submiting balance of domestic and imported consumer goods in the new economic environment;
  • revising the list of «sensitive» goods;

  • developing proposals on protective measures for domestic goods;

  • making proposals on tariff and non-tariff measures to support consumer goods manufacturers;
  • developing requirements to quality characteristics, especially for goods aimed for children and adolescents and for strategic goods, needed to remove barriers to their marketing;

  • developing proposals to eliminate the reasons for the low competitive position of domestic goods in the market, ways to enhance competitiveness, accessibility and quality of Russian goods;

  • developing proposals on:

    -creating a competitive environment and tools for sustainable development of domestic manufacturers and their positioning at the domestic and foreign markets;

    -determining the rules of access to the domestic market for foreign exporters, as well as to respect the national interests in the export of consumer goods;

    -creating the conditions necessary for fast and efficient starting of anti-dumping, countervailing and special protective investigations in the Eurasian Economic Commission and the introduction of trade defense measures in respect to Russian goods;

    -ensuring the effective development of consumer goods industry in the new economic environment based on the stable development of trade relations with exporting countries, as well as on the improved situation on foreign and domestic commodity markets (indicating the possible pros and cons for the domestic economy).

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