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Research on competition in the international cellular transmission (roaming) across boundaries and comparison of tariff rates in the European Union and the Common Economic Space | 28-07-2014
The project is implemented for the international organization Eurasian Economic Commission.

The goal of the research is to study the competition in the international cellular transmission across boundaries, including cellular services in international roaming, as well as to compare roaming tariff rates in the European Union, the Parties.

The objectives of the project are:
  • to identify the possibility of defining the market of roaming as a separate commodity market and its particular features;

  • to identify the possibility of defining the market of roaming as a cross-border one and its particular features;

  • to study the competition rate in the roaming market on the territory of the Parties;

  • to conduct comparative analysis of the legislation of the Parties related to communications, including the organization of roaming;

  • to study the EU expertise on roaming tariffs reducing, social and economic aftereffects for EU countries and the telecommunication market and implications for competition rates in the Eropean Union;

  • to analyse legal, economic and other terms affecting the roaming tariff rates on the territory of the Parties;

  • to determine administrative, technical, technological and other barriers to the provision of roaming services at the territory of the Parties, and their impact on tariff rates;

  • to assess social and economic impact of reducing tariff rates for international roaming services on the territory of the Parties in 2011–2013 (if available), and estimation of the consequences of further tariff rates reduction in case of its implementation;

  • based on the conducted analysis, to develop the draft document, including the assessment of social and economic impact on market participants and the implications for competition rate in the roaming market from a possible reduction of roaming tariff rates on the territory of the Parties, and possible mechanisms for reducing tariff rates on roaming services, taking into account legal, economic and other terms on the territory of the Parties;

  • to identify signs of violation of the prohibitions on competition rules;

  • to study foreign experience in investigating and dealing with cases of damage at the roaming market.
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