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Paul Seabright
Prof. Seabright researches microeconomic theory, industrial and competition policy, development economics, industrial policy in transition economies, state aids to industry, economic geography and European integration. He is a Research Fellow with CEPR, London, and the Managing Editor of Economic Policy.

Curriculum Vitae (link)

The central event of Prof. Seabright’s visit, the Bradley Seminar on «Efficiencies and intangible assets in mergers and acquisitions» at CEFIR, attracted a sizable audience of academics and experts from a number of institutions, including the Higher School of Economics, the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Institute for Complex Strategic Studies. The policy-oriented seminar both presented some empirical findings of a research in progress and discussed how to think of efficiencies and efficiency defenses in a merger and acquisition process.

The talk on «A natural history of economic life» at the New Economic School, which was based on Prof. Seabright’s forthcoming book at Princeton University Press, addressed some important issues, such as globalization, in a historical perspective. The talk was intended for economists and non-economists alike, and was very well-attended.

A recognized expert on competition and industrial policy in developed and transitional countries, Prof. Seabright had previously been involved in projects with Russian antimonopoly authorities, mainly in St. Petersburg area. This allowed Prof. Seabright to engage in a specific and fruitful discussion on such issues, as deregulation of natural monopolies, merger control and cross-border anti-trust cases, with Andrei Tsyganov, the Deputy Minister of the Antimonopoly Policy, and Evgenii Yarkin, Deputy Chairman of the Federal Energy Commission. Based on the experience of serving as a consultant to governments, international agencies and private firms, Prof. Seabright was able to offer some insights in the work of European anti-trust institutions and advice on what mechanisms have evinced to be efficient.

Prof. Seabright proved to be a wonderful mentor for CEFIR researchers. He personally met with at least twelve scholars at CEFIR (in some cases more than once) and, reportedly, provided an excellent feedback on their research ideas and drafts of papers. Prof. Seabright also met with Svetlana Avdasheva of Higher School of Economics and Andrei Shastitko of Bureau of Economic Analysis. The Russian scholars presented their institutions' research in the area of industrial and competition policy; the sides also exchanged ideas and plans for further studies and decided to continue dialogue.

Summary of the visit:

Bradley Seminar
«Efficiencies and intangible assets in mergers and acquisitions» at CEFIR

Other lectures and seminars «A natural history of economic life», New Economic School

Meetings with policymaking community Andrey Tsyganov, Deputy Minister, Ministry for Antimonopoly Policy
Evgeny Yarkin, Deputy Chairman, Federal Energy Commission

Meetings with academic community Andrei Shastitko, Director, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Svetlana Avdasheva, Director of Institute for Industrial and Market Studies, Higher School of Economics

Meetings with individual researchers at CEFIR
Natalia Volchkova, Olga Lazareva, Andrei Rachinsky, Yevgeniy Yakovlev, Yulia Khaleeva, Alexei Makrushin, Natalia Tourdyeva, Ksenia Yudaeva, Alexander Alexeev, Georgiy Egorov, Konstantin Kozlov, Yuriy Andrienko, Konstantin Sonin

Paul Seabright, Professor of Economics, Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse

September 16-23, 2003
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