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World Bank Academic Study Visits and Policy Advice Training
Start Date: 2003
Complition Date: 2004

CEFIR was awarded a grant through the World Bank DEC Research Committee in support of two important institute-wide activities, a Visiting Speakers Program and a Study Visits program.

Project Summary:

I. The CEFIR Visiting Speakers Program

The World Bank Visiting Speakers Program was aimed at supporting the professional development of the CEFIR research group, developing an interdisciplinary approach of its economic research and policy advice, as well as cultivating long-term relationships with senior academics outside of Russia involved in research and political consulting in transition economies.

Visiting Speakers delivered research seminars, mini-courses or training workshops on the graduate level, to which interested researchers, professors and students of economics from various institutions were invited. Among the World Bank Visiting Speakers were:

Philippe Aghion, Professor of Economics, Harvard University / November 26-27, 2004
Daniel S. Hamermesh, Professor of Economics, University of Texas at Austin / June 19-26, 2004
Edgar Feige, Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison / October 13-17, 2003
Mark Schankerman, Professor of Economics, London School of Economics / May 20- 23, 2003 

II. Academic Study Visits and Policy Advice Training

The objective of the Study Visits program was to enhance the professional development of junior researchers at CEFIR through collaboration with senior Western colleagues and/or enrolment in specialized courses pertinent to their research interests. As a complement to academic research stays, the program also included training in policy advice and analysis. CEFIR researchers joined senior colleagues in presenting at policy conferences, giving briefings for decisionmakers or collaborating on writing policy reports. The program provided training activities for twelve members of CEFIR’s research group of some thirty staff.

Results and impact

The Visiting Speakers and Study Visits programs helped build valuable frameworks for transferring knowledge about the latest analytical techniques and developments in the economics, finance, and econometric fields to young aspiring researchers at CEFIR. Equally important, they deepened the institutional environment at CEFIR by building important professional skills in presentation, treatment of comments, and research collaboration with senior colleagues.

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